Apple Mail import does NOT maintain links

I have a need to maintain a database of emails that I receive, particularly for the links that they provide to other areas. As an example, the MacWorld Gem of the Week email has links within the email to other areas of interest…

When I import these emails into DTproOffice, I end up with a well formatted file with properly colored links in the message that do not work.
I can import by dragging the message from AppleMail directly into my Group, or I can import using DTproOffice email importer. Still no working links.

HOW CAN I import my emails into DTPO without losing my links. If I can’t keep links, what good is it to import the emails? :frowning:

Thanks for your help!!

As has been mentioned in several related threads: QuickLook isn’t capable to display certain types of documents in a way that you can select text. This is an Apple problem. However, since you are using the Office version you can switch to the “text” view that gives you a fully selectable document with working hyperlinks.