Apple Mail import scripts no longer work?

Running Apple Mail 8.2 (2102) and Yosemite 10.10.4, with the latest Devonthink Pro Office, I’m trying to import an email from Apple Mail into DTPO…

If I use the menu option in Apple Mail - > Message - > Add to DevonThink Pro Office, the popup eventually appears and says ‘0 emails’ added…

If I try the script from the system menubar, it says Apple Event Handler Error, and nothing is imported into DTPO…

Is it broken for everyone, or just me?

Both the menu items and the scripts are working as expected over here. Does it work again after restarting the computer?

The menu scripts in Mail are working now after restarting, but not all the taskbar (Mail Scripts) - only the “Add Message(s) to Devonthink Pro” - none of the others.

What I’ve now noticed is that PNG attachments aren’t imported… JPG’s are, but PNG’s aren’t… Not sure about PDF’s yet, but what’s the best way of importing emails with these attachments intact?

Many thanks,


All of these scripts are working perfectly on this machine here with DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.6 on OSX 10.10.4. Images of all sorts, (JPG, PNG), PDFs, office documents, etc etc. are imported. Perhaps you have not chosen to view your imported email in DEVONthink with “best alternative enabled”.

Have OS 10.10.5

DTPro Mail scripts not working as before. No menu appears that allows me to select which database/folder the message should be moved to. Message goes to main Inbox.

Last time I tried to import I got the attached error message:

This is a script I use all the time; anybody got a fix?

Also: is it possible to convert an .emlx to rtf from within DTPro, without opening the message in Mail again?

Or even better, is there a script to convert an emlx to .rtf when importing to DTPro?

And finally: is there another email app that plays nicely with DT – and please don’t suggest Chrome.
DT Mail Error.png

This is controlled by Preferences > Import > Destination

Yes. Data > Convert > To Rich Text or Right-click > Convert > To Rich Text.

No (but you could write one).

Chrome is not an email app. The best results will always come from the tighter integration with Apple Mail.

What script are you referring to? Also, note that the mechanisms for Mail in Yosemite were not Apple’s finest hour.

Thanks for your help and quick response.

Missed seeing Preferences> Import > Destination and the Data > Convert option – have taken them for granted in the past. Laptop died and had to wipe clean; then most recent backup drive failed – a perfect storm. Reinstalling everything OK but feeling slightly frazzled!

Wish I knew how to write that Script to convert .emlx to .rtf, but there are other priorities right now; maybe somebody else will come up with it :smiley:

Re Chrome - DUH! Meant gmail.

I’m actually finding Mail a bit buggy these days and hate the way it files email deep in the library – planning to bring it all into dedicated DT database in the future.

Yeah. Like I said, Yosemite Mail got a bit wonky and never got fixed properly (from our experience). 10.11’s Mail is new enough that I don’t have a solid opinion on it over Yosemite’s but I’m crossing my fingers.