Apple Mail Importer only importing some messages to me

Hello. I’m using the menu command in apple mail to import a conversation (also importing via the import view in DT)… I have “import complete conversations” and “group conversation threads” selected in the DT prefs. but i only get messages to me, not from me, in the thread. they are sometimes grouped together in the inbox list but sometimes they are not. also seems I’m only getting the first message in the conversation, sometimes I get more, but never get the full conversation. any ideas?


thanks for the reply…yeah, i read that in the help… I can do it individually most of the time, but then it doesn’t always have that nice grouping icon for emails… I can then group them manually but it makes the normal group icon… I guess not the end of the world, but can I change the icon? Or are there other things that make an email group different?

You can copy the thumbnail in the Info inspector, choose another group, and paste the thumbnail into the Info inspector for the other group.

cool… so i guess there no effective difference, just a group w/ a different icon?