Apple Mail on High Sierra missing File > Import > Email menu

Although I don’t use Apple Mail as my email client, I thought I would use it as a way to have DTPO import my email using rules which I can easily manage from within Apple Mail.

So I thought I would run a few tests to better understand how the scripts and the plugin integration work, and much to my surprise, while the documentation clearly describes the File > Import > Email menu, I cannot find it in my instance of Apple Mail (which is Version 11.5 (3445.9.1)).

The two “Add to DTPO” menus in the Mailbox and Message menus are there, so the plugin is installed correctly. I also removed it from the user Library, reinstalled the plugin, but still cannot find the import menu.

Any hint on whether this is a bug, or maybe some other misconfiguration on my side?

Many thanks,


It’s neither a bug nor a misconfiguration. You’re looking in the wrong application. It’s the File > Import menu in DEVONthink.