Apple Mail rule to export mails to a specific group

I am trying to set up rule in Apple Mail to export mails from a number of senders/recipients to DTPO. It seems that the standard DTPO plugin rules are default to export the filtered mails to global inbox. Is there any way to specific a designated group in a designated database? Another question is for mails that are exported by the plug-in, will they group into discussion threads or the preference settings in DTPO already taking care of that?

Please advise and thank you in advance

Mail Rules are unrelated to the plugin. They are just AppleScripts that are called when the rule triggers. As thet are just scripts, they are also editable, just as the Folder Actions are.

Thanks. I will look into the DPTO scripts for Apple mail.

Jim, just wondering if there is any book specifically discuss scripting in Devonthink environment. There is a learning curve to understand both the general syntax of Apple scripts as well as the specific methods and properties of objects within the DTPO environment.

Best regards

Sorry, but no book for it. The best resources IMHO…

  • These forums
  • MacScripter (The longest-running and best AS resource on the web)
  • The included scripts, which are all editable, for education and tweaking.
  • And the best: writing your own scripts from scratch. There’s no better education than doing something.

Thank you very much!

and yet, Jim, could you kindly hint us non-yet-programmers on how to place in an apple script the specific path on wants the mail rule apple script to automatically file the email & attachment to?


@sotospeak: There’s a response here…