Apple notes other notes taking integration with dttg


Hello. Have been using devonthink to go for a few weeks. One thing really intrigue me is how I can include my notes taking workflow sith DTTG. I usually use apple notes to take notes, sometime with Apple Pencil and mix with text. When I save it to DtTG, it becomes problematics. I just wonder can import as it’s origisnl apple note format? And if it is just text in apple notes, any tricks to open it back with apple notes for edit? If apple notes is not supported, any other notes taking app will work?

The notes taking function in dttg isn’t that useful. So a third party notes taking app is needed. Nebo is not supported, right? .


(I don’t have a note taking “workflow” – so I have no idea what that concept means.)

I never use DEVONthink to Go for note taking. There are numerous very good apps for taking notes. I recommend looking for one that syncs with iCloud or another service across devices. If I want to export a note to DEVONthink to Go for some reason, I can do so. Usually as a PDF since my notes, which are mainly taken on iPads since the phone is too cramped included handwriting, drawing, imported images, etc. At this time, I’m using Noteshelf 2 or Notability for note taking.

I usually avoid Apple Notes because it seems to have intentionally been designed to be stand alone and not play well with other apps.


@bluewings666, if you search these forums, you will find numerous discussions of note-taking strategies with DTTG that may help you.

As korm points out, there are many choices for note-taking apps. Most differ just enough in features and function to satisfy some users and not others. In my exploration, the apps which integrate most easily with DTTG are the plain-text and Markdown editors. It sounds like you prefer note-taking apps that enable rich text, handwriting, and drawing. It is not difficult to store a copy of these types of documents in DTTG as PDFs and RTFs. However, editing the documents once they are in DTTG is more complicated and may be impractical for some users. You might want to consider leaving your rich text documents in their native form/app until you export them as PDFs or RTFs to DTTG for archiving along with related materials.

I am currently experimenting with using Agenda as my project note-taker. Some advantages for me are that it has one more level of organization than Apple Notes, and it easily exports notes in Markdown format, which is reasonably well supported in DTTG. For you, the current lack of Apple Pencil support might be a deal-breaker. But, I still exclusively create and edit the project notes in Agenda, exporting to DTTG as Markdown only after the project is closed. I use Apple Notes for all other note-taking, because most of it does not end up in DTTG. If it becomes necessary, I can export notes as either PDFs or RTFs, depending on the contents. They display well in DTTG to suit me.

If you manage to work this out to your satisfaction, please share the details with the rest of us!


@pstalker’s recommendation of Agenda is excellent. It’s a beautiful app, very functional, and works as well on macOS as iOS. Agenda is calendar-oriented in that it’s main use case is taking notes tied to particular events – but that’s a feature and not a limitation. You can take notes that are independent of events just as well.

If you want to integrate text + handwriting + images, etc., then Bear is a good choice. Export from Bear to DTTG as markdown, PDF, HTML … whatever.


I agree with all the above and have used both Notability and Noteshelf. they are both good. I switch to and still use Goodnotes. It’s organization fits my brain better than the others. It also has a mac version. Try them all and see what is most comfortable.

You can also import images, pdf’s, and whole documents/books into Goodnotes. Either into a notebook, like a client or project notebook, or have the document/book as a standalone where it is easily annotated.

I can export into Devonthink a page or a whole notebook.

You can export from Apple notes into Devonthink and I do, but Korm is right, it is more of a standalone so it is more tedious to export.


Thank you all for the good advice. Yes… I am still not figure out my workflows with notes taking. I don’t really want to store a copy in the third party app. I shall explore othe options, if available. But u already mention the most popular and recommended notes taking apps.

Thanks again!


I use GoodNotes. In version 4 they have an auto backup feature that has not been implemented yet in version 5. I would configure the auto backup to a cloud storage such as Box. I configured the backup format to be PDFs and the categories in Goodnotes became subfolders.

In DT on the Mac I would index the folder which then makes it available in DTTG. What I like about GoodNotes is I picked it because I wanted my note taking to be handwritten. I use the large iPad Pro with the pencil and the auto backups in PDF are searchable with my handwriting (printing) interpreted very accurately. This allows my handwritten notes to show up as search results along side emails and other documents I have filed in DT.

The other nice thing with GoodNotes is that you can use the lasso tool to select some handwritten text to convert to text via the OCR and then use the Share extension. I use this for action items and can send that straight to OmniFocus.

In version 5 of GoodNotes, I change my workflow slightly. I use less notebooks (on per main category) and I add a page for a new meeting. After the meeting I finish off the notes and then export that as a PDF to DTTG. That way the notes are in the main category notebook, but the PDF page(s) are in DTTG to be associated to the particular project. So my main category could be Work Subject Matter Expert (SME) and the DT group I have for a project might be a review of security controls in Application A. That DT group will have a markdown journal to track my progress on that project including a link to the OmniFocus project to track next actions. That DT group will also store screenshots, emails, and anything else related to the project. The OmniFocus project also has a link to DT so when I act on the next action, my reference material in DT is a click away. I do more of the planning and organizing on the mac, but the links work great on ios for taking the next action while away from the Mac. If someone need a status to the project then I just refer to the journal in DTTG within the project group.