Apple numbers very slow to load and edit in DTTG

Hi all,

I have an Apple numbers document I edit daily. However, when opening the document through DTTG in Apple Numbers, it is very slow. It takes about 30 seconds to open/load, and after every edit it has to “update the spreadsheet”. It makes it not workable to edit numbers through DTTG.

I have an iPhone XR and an iPad Pro 2020, so I don’t think it’s about the capacity of my devices.

I’m wondering if this is a fault of apple numbers, or that this is something to fix in DTTG?

Thanks for your help!

How large is the external document, in file size as well as rows/columns?

Hi Jim,

The file itself is 30 kb. It does contain 3 sheets and 6 tables from around 33 rows and 7 columns.

I’ve opened the document on my iPad Pro 2020, iPhone XR and Mac mini. On the Mac mini editing doesn’t give any problems (through DT as well as direct in the native Numbers application. On the iPad and iPhone it lags a lot as well as through DTTG as through the native numbers app (it lags a bit more when opening the file through DTTG).

Therefore, I think it isn’t very much a problem of DTTG but more of the iOS native Numbers app that can’t handle the file which I think is very strange, because for excel-standards the document is a really simple/small file. It is the first time I use Numbers, but one should think it could handle these files.

This doesn’t help with your situation, but I use frequently on a 2020 iPad Pro as well as a 2017 iPad Pro, and I’ve worked with documents much larger that this. I find editing sheets to be very responsive on the iPads, with no difference if the sheets were opened from or shared to Open In from DEVONthink To Go.

Thanks for the reply! That is indeed a weird situation then. I have no clue as to why this document is so unresponsive. I will create a new sheet within numbers and see if that one behaves like this sheet as well!

Thank you. That could be helpful.


Somehow it seems that it was only the first file of Numbers that behaved weird. I made a new file and thus far it behaves the way it should behave. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had enabled in Numbers that files should be automatically saved in iCloud Drive instead of in DevonThink To Go.

Thus far it is responsive as the way it should be. Keep you posted!

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Thanks for the follow-up!