Apple Pencil PDF markup issue

I’m running the latest iOS 13.3 along with DTTG 2.7.6 (16388) on a new iPad Air (3) with the original apple pencil.

I was interviewing someone and taking notes over their PDF resume using the apple pencil. This was mostly fine, but about four or five times during the interview, the annotation engine would suddenly draw a straight line of ink from a point on the edge of the paper to wherever the pen was. It was almost as if it “lost track” of the pen’s location, reset it to a point on the border of the screen, and then drew a line to the current location to “catch up.” This happened a number of times and was so bad that I haven’t been back to it since.

Anyone experience this?

Don’t use DTTG to make that kind of annotations. I use GoodNotes that has a zoom feature to write in the lowest part of the iPad, and once finished, export to PDF and send to DTTG.

I use GoodNotes to make a scrapbook of each of my professional readings when normal PDF annotation is not enough or I don’t want the original document with annotations, pasting captures and annotations, links/images from external stuff, scraps of the original PDF and so on. Once finished, I export to PDF and send into DTTG in order to go to DT as my main repository of all.

No, I haven’t seen this issue recently (though it had occurred in the past).
What iPad and are you using the new Apple Pencil or the first generation one?

Original pencil on a 2019 iPad Air.

Okay. Thanks!

  • Is this consistently reproducible?
  • Has it occured with more than one PDF?

This used to happen to me, frequently enough that I stopped using DTTG for pdf markup. I was using a 2017 iPad Pro with original Apple Pencil. This was back in late 2017 and I’ve barely done any markup in DTTG since then. GoodNotes is much the better app for markup, even if it weren’t for bug.

Sorry - it took a while. It definitely happens with more than one PDF, but it’s not particularly “easy” to make happen - it may be something behavioral such as my palms on the screen interfering?

One interesting tidbit is that once it does this, I can erase the errant straight line that gets drawn except for some portion of it that starts off of the page, where I’m not allowed to erase.

Re: other people’s replies about GoodNotes - I appreciate the alternative, but also want to see DT improve over time - I’m invested here.