Apple pencil support in PDF annotation

The PDF annotation function in DDTG on the iPad is a great feature. Top of my wishlist is a fine pen that can take full advantage of the Apple pencil. The only pen available in the PDF annotation function is OK for larger notes but can’t really do handwriting - a bit like filling out a form using a paintbrush.


I agree that the Pencil support is basic. In most Pencil-aware apps on iPad Pro there is usually a setting to adjust the pixel width of the Pencil’s line, as well as the ability to zoom in and draw fine lines at a higher zoom level. DTTG2 could do better.

The pencil support for PDF is defined by the PDF kit we’re using. We’ll let the developers of the third-party PDF kit know (and add our own pencil support in later versions of DTTG2 too).

Do you have an update on the Apple Pencil support? Would be a lovely combination to annotate PDF’s and take notes.

Sorry, but no. We don’t comment on timeframes as development is too dynamic an environment to say too much. Thanks.

Apple pencil support would be great, killer feature for working with the iPad to take notes in meetings. +1 :smiley:


I am fairly new to DTTG, but what am I getting wrong here? PDF annotation works pretty fine with the Apple Pencil. I can adjust color and thickness of the lines. OK, some geometry features would be nice, but currently I am quite happy.

Support for the Apple Pencil was quite limited until an update about a week ago. As you can see the last post on this thread before yours was made over a week ago, before the update (or right around the time of the update).

So you aren’t getting anything wrong, the situation has literally just changed in the last week or so.

Oh, what a luck :wink: Thanks!

Let me start by saying I am grateful for the Apple Pencil support, but I wonder what I am doing wrong as the performance is horrible. I have 12.9 iPad pro and apple pencil (of course). Everything appears up to date. I have opened a document from Drop Box to DTTG on ipad. It is a searchable PDF (just in case that matters). When annotating, two things happen consistently. 1. When highlighting, I get one good line then it’s all down hill from there. Any subsequent attempts to highlight result in “skipping” i.e. The full highlight stroke is broken or non-existent and 2. Highlighting from left to right (which is in accord with how we read English…) results in the file panel (ie where you can see inbox items or open databases) appears and interferes further with highlighting. In essence when pencil makes contact with screen after first highlight the aforementioned occurs. The only way I have been able to fix it is to restart DTTG or in some instance restart ipad. NO bueno. Is it a bug?? Or user error? Let me add that I have also tried annotating several PDFs to eliminate possibility that problem was isolated in a particular PDF. Problem happens consistently across PDFs regardless of how I import (e.g. Import from Dropbox, import via desktop and sync, etc)

Just to let you know you aren’t crazy.
I’ve experienced many of the issues you described and generally speaking, have not really had a great time using the Apple Pencil in the latest DTTG. Lots of quirky/slow/unpredictable/unwanted behaviours. I gave up and do my annotating in other apps.

That said, I know the DEVON folks are aware of the horizontal stoke resulting in the file pane appearing, so I suspect that will be fixed in a future release.

As for the overall performance and experience, I’m sure they’ll keep working on it.

Awesome. I look forward to a fix. Like you I have switch back to other app; in my case Adobe Pro. I have had good experience with all things Devon so, I share your confidence.