Apple Shortcuts action to open specific database?

I wish to set up an Apple Shortcut that opens a specific database in DTTG. I don’t require it to do any other actions, I just would like it to take me straight to the correct database. I had thought this would be a simple shortcut, but I can’t find an action that would allow me to do this.

Have I missed something, or is that not possible as an action? If it’s the latter, is it something that can be considered?

Did you try to open the item link of the desired database?

As Criss mentioned, here’s an example…

You will have to okay having it access DEVONthink…

I did not, I was looking at the DTTG actions. This works perfectly, thank you!

And sorry, I missed you were referring to DEVONthink To Go. I actually was answering a support ticket on this very topic but on the Mac.