Apple's Security Update 2005-007

Apple released this Security Update on Monday via Software Update and pulled it on Tuesday.

The update has been reported to cause problems with some applications, especially on G5 computers.

Neither the DEVONtechnologies developers nor I installed this update. My practice is to wait a few days to see if the early adopters run into problems – as was the case with this update.

I don’t know if the update affects any of the DEVONtechnologies products. Likely not, but since I didn’t install it on Monday and it’s no longer available, I’ve got no way to test it. Not that I would want to anyway, as Apple says no fixes are available until they can release a new version of the update. :slight_smile:

So those of you who didn’t install it, congratulate yourselves for waiting a few days.

If any DT/DT Pro users did install it and are suddenly having problems, please post in this thread the symptoms. (Hopefully, DT/DT Pro are not affected.)

I’m a completely new user. (Well, I’ve had a copy of DT I’ve poked at half heartedly for awhile, but I just upgraded to Pro and got serious about using it.) I installed DT Pro AFTER applying security update 7. No problems I know of :slight_smile:

Ooops… too late for me. No problems so far.

The update was pulled because it (supposedly) broke 64 bit apps.

Looks OK. I’ve had several confirmations from DT/DT Pro users that there are no apparent problems after installing the Apple security update.

And I notice that the update is available on Software Update.

I held off as well. I never ever install any of these until a few days after Apple releases them. And when I do install them it is always with the utmost precaution (maintenance routines, etc.). Precaution doesn’t stop one’s hard drive from dying three days after the warranty runs out though. :imp: