AppleScript and JavaScript resources

I’m launching this new topic, because I searched for tutorials for AppleScript.
I also take a look on Automation : AppleScript
But most of them did not work anymore.
And perhaps some of you also know some tutorials in German language.

I would appreciate any link/hint about tutorials on both languages.
Perhaps we also want to use this thread for adding links to JavaScript tutorials.

Here on this page you can find a very tiny German tutorial as PDF as download: AppleScript - Download

And a list of AppleScript literature: AppleScript - AppleScript-Bücher

See e.g. Scripting with JXA | JavaScript for Automation (JXA)

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Thanks for mentioning it. It’s not in German, though (nor will it be, I think). But in the days of DeepL that shouldn’t pose a problem.

What is “them” in this context? The chapter in the manual you linked to doesn’t offer any code samples that I could see. This one does, though, and those examples look ok to me. Did you see one of them not working?

Yes, you’re right, it is only one link, this one:
I put this link into the post, because it has a short list with some kind of tutorials at the end.

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