AppleScript: Open selected record in new window?

I use DT in the three pane view and want a selection of records to open at specific bounds (for example to check if new PDFs are ok). The code below does this, as long as more than one record is selected . If only one record is selected the “main” window will move to the “desired” bounds. I think that is because the selected record is already displayed in the three pane view. Is there a way to open one selected record in a new window?

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set selectedItems to selection
	repeat with theItem in selectedItems
		set newWindow to open window for record theItem
		set bounds of newWindow to {727, 23, 1786, 1438}
	end repeat
end tell

Use open tab for instead.

That’s it :smiley: Thanks!