Applescript to archive to iDisk?

Perhaps this is already available but could some AppleScript maven develop an applescript that would

  1. Zip the current database.
  2. Copy to iDisk

There have been several discussions about using .Mac. One of the major problems is slowness of transfers. Still, this can be useful for small databases and for backup files.

DT Pro already has a script that will result in a database backup with the smallest possible size – no internal Backup folders, and in Zip archive format. Find this at Scripts (stylized S left of the Help menu) > Export > Backup Archive.

This script will run Verify & Repair, Backup & Optimize and save the archive to your desired location. The current date will be appended to the archive filename.

How about that?

Thanks Bill. Next time, I’ll check all applescript as well as the manua. Thanks again.