Applescript to generate a TOC for a pdf

Hi all
I have an applescript that generates page numbers for a pdf, which is fine. However I would like to generate a table of contents as well. I realize this is not a DT specific topic, but I was hoping someone here at least knew where I might be able to get som help with this.


I finally realized how good adobe acrobat is… so i’ll stick with that i think

To tell the truth, other than for testing (for which I do need it), my major use of Acrobat is for adding bookmarks to a PDF that has multiple sections.

Yes, well thats kind of the whole point… i desperatly need a quick way to change page numbering on large pdf documents, either through a toc or by changing the thumbnail number. Acrobat does that extremey fast… other than that i notice acrobat renders faster than pdfpenpro or preview which is important when you are in a trial and need things quickly

Unfortunately software isnt generally tested for “court-use” :slight_smile: