Application Not Responding

Importing mail using the new File>Import>Mail feature of DTP Office. When clicking on one of my larger Entourage folders (13,000 messages), DTPO went away for over an hour. Activity Monitor showed it in red as “Application not responding”. Weirdly, it wasn’t using much CPU power (only around 5% of the machine total), but it was completely non-responsive… clicking on the Dock icon had no effect, etc. Other applications ran smoothly.

DTPO finally came back and gave me a chance to import… it’s now showing the blue “progress” bar with a message count and “3 hours remaining”. Seems like a long time, but I can live with that. It would be nice if there were a similar progress indication when it’s doing whatever pre-processing it’s doing before the import.

I wonder if the beta testers tried importing large folders… my first attempt (about 100 messages) was completely painless.

I have two more folder this size that I want to import. At least now I know to be patient…

Not a chance you’ll get those 13,000 messages (files) in with the Beta.

You need to read the About.PDF that came with the beta, which is surprisingly informative, clear, and well-written. Tells you how to set up your DT server, and describes the Mail plug-in, etc.

It says, “No more than 200 emails/day” until you pay for the Beta, and the upgrade coupons haven’t gone out yet. So DT is going to choke for a while. Cancel out of it, and choose 200 emails.

Well, for what it’s worth… I did pay for the beta, and it almost processed the 13,000 emails. I wound up with 12,150 and some error messages.

Took all night, though. :frowning:

Do you have to apply for the upgrade coupon? I thought it was going to come in the email. I was sitting here waiting for it.


I got an email a few days ago…

Check your spam bucket?