Apply rule is greyed out


I have a smart rule which is set to “on Demand”. I usually use it on Inbox items by clicking on then and then apply the rule (not sure if there is a better way).
However all of a sudden this does not work anymore. In the items’ context menu there is no “Apply rule” anymore and when I try to do it via Tools->Apply rule everything (including the smart rule I want to apply) is greyed out…

Was there an update which somehow changed something regarding this?

There has no been no updates recently.

Post a screen capture of the smart rule and what you have selected in DEVONthink.

So, I think I found out what the issue is. This is what my smart rule looks like:

And I selected a bookmarked tweet. But the issue is that no matter what I select, there is just no “Apply Rules” option.
And the reason is that another smart rule on another item is running in the background.
I have another smart rule which runs on youtube urls and downloads the video via youtube-dl
which can take a few minutes. When this is still in progress, I can not run any other smart rule on any other item in the inbox.

Is that as intended, and if so, is there a workaround?

If a script is executing, another can’t start running.
We are making some modifications that may improve on this, but that’s the current state of things.

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