Apps for posts: Wordpress,

I would like to know which app you prefer to post regularly: wordpress or or another application.

Desired integrations: Devonthink and Scrivener.

Plan to post a blog or page for one year. I would like opinions on how to do this. It would be the material for an annual course.

I would also like to know if anyone would recommend GoogleClassroom for this.

What kind of integration do you have in mind? DEVONthink doesn’t include any dedicated support for this.

I would like to produce texts in Scrivener based on my researches (in DevonThink).
I just like to know if DevonThink users prefer a particular APP to public your posts.

I read in this forum about write in Scrivener, or use MarkDown to produce texts. I read also about and Github to organize public information (as macros and tips).

But now, I would like to know how to use that in my reality. And, I’m looking for suggestions.