AppStore Only?

Can Devon apps be purchased directly from Devon itself rather than via the AppStore?
There are a fair number of us who just don’t like the AppStore and won’t use it. :frowning: :imp:
If you don’t offer your wares independently, why not do like some others and offer your ware BOTH via AppStore and your website?

See the DEVONtechnologies Products page at

With the exception of DEVONthink To Go, which can only be obtained through the App Store, all of the principal applications offered by DEVONtechnologies are also available by download from our Download page. (DEVONagent Express, for example, is included in DEVONagent Pro.)

An advantage of purchase of registration from DEVONtechnologies rather than via the App Store is that maintenance updates are immediately available from the Download page, whereas they may not appear on the App Store for days or even weeks, depending on Apple’s review period before posting on the App Store.

The App Store doesn’t provide for demo trials, which are of course allowed (and encouraged) on DEVONtechnologies’ Download Page. Nor does the App Store provide credit for an upgrade of a product, such as DEVONthink Personal, to a more powerful edition of DEVONthink such as DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office; but DEVONtechnologies does provide upgrade credit for such transactions.

It remains to be seen, depending on Apple’s policies towards application interoperability and “sandboxing”, whether it would be desirable to make applications such as DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink Pro Office available on the App Store, as versions of those applications acceptable for App Store listing might be crippled by comparison to the versions available on our Download page.

I strongly suggest that the devothink reconsider providing apps in the apple app store. No license code is available, upgrade support is non-existent, and the pro versions are not available.