Arbitrarily selective backlinking

I’m sure this has been asked before, but… when I make an internal wikiIink to a page using double brackets or mashedwords, the link shows up in that page’s list of backlinks (“incoming links”). But when I link using the simpler and more elegant "make link” command (cmd-shift-M), it does not. This is a puzzle, and a shame, as I much prefer the latter method of linking. Can this be changed? (It’s doubly odd because it does show up in the outgoing links list.)

UPDATE: "Make link”-style links do show up as backlinks if you have “Names and Aliases” checked under Wikilinks in preferences. But I prefer to leave that off as otherwise my text is cluttered with links I rarely click on.

Only item links and fully automatic Wiki links are currently supported, semi-automatic links created by Make Link aren’t (due to limitations of the index).

The weird part is that semi-automatic links do show up in the incoming links list when automatic links are turned on. And they show up in the outgoing links list. Anyway if you could fix this it would be great as I much prefer the Make Link method.

What kind of automatic links?

“Names and Aliases.” When its box is ticked in preferences, links made using the “Make Link” method show up in the “incoming links” list.

In that case the name or alias of the document is found in the text, the semi-automatic link added by you is neither used nor recognized.