Archive Hook bookmarks with DEVONthink

I was in a Tinderbox Meetup last week, which was more about Hook than Tinderbox. I’m not a Tinderbox user, but I’m interested in how other people use their tools.

In the middle of the call, somebody had a question about Hook bookmarks. More specifically, can Hook archive its bookmarks as does with websites in general? Well there is no feature like that in Hook, and to be honest, doesn’t even need to be, because Hook has great Apple Script integration, so we can query bookmarks from its database.

In conjunction with DEVONthink, we can archive our bookmarks from Hook and save them as Pinboard does. I made a script for this a while back and it’s really helpful. It runs once a week, archives all websites from my Hook database into DEVONthink.


Thanks for sharing this script!

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You’re welcome!

Fantastic! So with this and DEVONthink , users can access all their bookmarks across all their devices, including iPhones and iPads. A great benefit for DEVONthink + Hook users. Then other automations can be built that leverage Hook’s bookmarks in DEVONthink.

The script only synced 44 of 117 of the Hook links to DT. Any suggestions why that would be?

You could run the script from within script editor after you’ve opened its log area (click on the list icon in the bottom toolbar). Then you can see the Apple Events the script generates and the answers it receives, which might give you an idea why something is (not) happening.

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The script downloads only websites. I assume not all of your Hook bookmarks are websites.

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Thank you for clarifying.