Archive subscription from NetNewsWire to DEVONthink


I just posted a script that saves items from your selected feed (or folder of feeds) to DEVONthink Pro as web archives, with the following options:

Which items to save:
-All items
-Flagged items
-Unread items
-Read items

How to archive:
- Save just the content of the news item (typically the best option if the site provides full-text feeds)
- Save the item’s target website (this should be the whole article – particularly useful if the newsfeed is truncated)
- Go to the item’s target website and looks for a link that includes the string “Print”. If one exists, it saves the print-ready page to DEVONthink. If none exists, reverts to “Site” behavior.

Perform post-archive actions: mark read, unflag, or do nothing. This action occurs after DEVONthink has archived the article, so you can see archive progress in action and ensure you don’t double-archive an article

Optional: introduce a random time delay between archiving articles if using “Site” or “Site/Print”. (Useful if the site you’re reading from has countermeasures to prevent content scraping. Read: if they’re trying to keep you from saving their content for later use.)

More info and download here:

Suggestions are always more than welcome… and my thanks to those of you whose scripts were useful in this process. (Unfortunately this is something I started so long ago, I have no idea what scripts I may have referred to.)