Archived Email Grouping madness

I love that I can archive email, and have been doing it for years! However

  1. Most of my “grouped” email conversations aren’t correct. They include emails from various conversations that have nothing to do with each other. What’s the best way to resolve this? Can I manually drag emails out of the group, if they’re grouped incorrectly?

Or …

  1. Is there anyway to turn off this email grouping?
  2. How do I have the grouped email display inline with all of the other email, instead of appearing at the top, before the emails? I currently have to scroll past hundreds of email groups, to get to my individual email messages even when sorting by date created.
  1. You can sort the emails however you want.
    Threading emails is not a simple nor an exact process. In fact, if you Google it you’ll find it has been a difficult problem for many, many years, compounded by a lack of standards and other variations companies have added on their own.

  2. You can disable Preferences > Email > Conversations: Group conversation threads.

  3. You can disable Preferences > General > Keep groups on top when sorting.

@BLUEFROG - Thanks Jim.

  1. Can I “ungroup” these emails, since the grouping thing isn’t quite working as expected?

Yes. You can group or ungroup Items as you see fit.

@Jim, how? I didn’t group the items. Are you suggesting that I go into each group (there are hundreds of them), and manually remove each email from the group (like I would from a folder on the computer/group in DT3)?