Archived emails have no SUBJECT

Hi folks,
I am experimenting with archiving all my old emails into DTOP.
The actually archiving process seemed to have worked very well. The only issue I have found thus far is that the emails have null Subject data.

The actual subject text is present in the Name field in the message list view. Yet I see that I can display the Subject column in the list of messages. But it is blank. I also see that the Subject in the individual message viewer does in fact have a Subject field below From, To, Date, and it is correctly filled in with the subject text.

So I was just wondering if there is a reason why that Subject field is blank in the list view?

The reason this is an issue is that if I do use the Advanced… options in the Search panel, and I search for something in Subject, it will always return zero results (as if the Subject field is null on all emails… which I suppose it is). So I’d like the subject data to be there.



Two different meanings for “subject”. The “Subject” field is a metadata property of PDFs, not email. This is the field that you see mentioned in column settings and Tools > Show Properties….

The other use of the term, an email message’s “subject”, is stored by DEVONthink in Name (as you noticed). Email subjects will never appear in the field reserved for PDF subjects.

Hi korm,
Thanks for clarifying this detail.
So what I now understand is I must use the Name field when performing email searches.
I’ve tried, and it works. Thank you.