Archived Mail Global Inbox

I am new to DTP 3. I archived my iCloud email account via the importer and chose the archive button. Going to the Navigate window it shows the Global inbox with 10532 items and the dot (meaning not synced). It shows Email group with 10532 items. It appears that all the emails are marked as read. Why does the inbox still show 10532 items if they’re read. I wasn’t planning on syncing these archived emails or should I? I am archiving the emails because it seems DTP 3 does much better search than Apple Mail. How do I get the inbox to read 0 (zero)?

The sidebar shows either the number of unread items in the inbox using a badge or the total number of items without a badge in the inbox. The only way to make the inbox show 0 is to move the items to a different database (especially as the inbox should be only a temporary destination actually).

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