Archived Mail Question

When I use the scripts to archive mail to DTPOffice I have two problems that are probably easily solved but I have no idea how to do it! So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Problem 1: I would like some kind of signal to tell me when the archive has been achieved successfully. At the moment I simply can not tell whether or not it has. Is there any way this can be achieved?

Problem 2: I do not know where the archived mail is going to! Okay I can do a search but that still does not seem to tell me exactly where in my database the archived emails have gone, this is important to me as sometimes after a period of time I can delete some emails.

Thanks for any help.

Messages go into the “incoming group” – which is either the Global Inbox or the inbox of the current database. I believe these scripts usually are putting the messages into the Global Inbox. If there is an error, you might check the Log, or Tools > History will show you what has been added to a database. If you use the History display, be sure to customize it by putting the “Date Added” column into the display so that you can sort the list to see the most recently added items.

Thanks Korm. That is very useful but can you tell me how to add the ‘Date Added’ column please? Also is it possible to have a signal that things have been added successfully?


To add “Date Added” to the History panel (or any panel with columns) right click or control-click the headings and select the item you want to appear in a column:

To add a “signal that things have been added successfully” would require a modification to the script(s).

Thanks once again Korm. :smiley: