Archiving as webarchive ends up as book mark

All of a sudden, when I try to archive web pages as webarchives using either the bookmarklet or the DT browser extensions, they arrive as bookmarks. Bulk conversion also doesn’t work. The only way I can find to get a web archive is to “Capture As Webarchive” and that only works one at a time.

I really need help with this as it is cirippling my workflow!

Bookmarks are just a fallback in case of download/rendering issues. Does it work again after restarting the app or the computer?

Thanks for the fast answer. I just restarted DT and it is working again but this is not the first time this has occurred. I will monitor and report here.

Thanks again,

The issue keeps reoccurring. After a period of time, an attempt to create webarchives ends up in DT as a bookmark. Restarting DT fixes this but it inevitably starts again.

As always, a problematic URL would be helpful to test.