Archiving Gmail, Tags, Tom Scott ( and a little bit of ChatGPT)

Bear with me on this one. Disregard the part about using ChatGPT for anything.
In this YT video, Tom Scott goes through a whole process of using ChatGPT to write some code but it’s what he wants the code to do that is interesting to me, and I think some DevonThink users.

In my current gig I use DT to archive a Google Workspace email account. Watching the video I saw him spell out the exact issue I was having when I went to archive the mail (using Apple Mail and the DT plugin). In short there’s a weird undocumented thing that Gmail doesn’t do that affects where replies to tagged messages end up in Apple Mail. It was such an arcane situation that I just figured I would have to live with it but seeing him spell out the exact same situation I was a wee bit stunned.

I haven’t gone through the steps he went through and I will probably just lift his code for my own use but I thought anyone here in DT land that is doing this very specific thing (Gmail/Google Workspace Mail - Tagging- Apple Mail - Archive to DT) might find it helpful.

Disregard the part about using ChatGPT for anything.

Gladly disregarding it. :stuck_out_tongue: