Are files in their own directory, or in a database?


I just moved to iCloud syncing, and when I go to my iCloud Drive, I see a Devonthink Packet Sync directory, which is great. But I also see a gifs directory one level above that. As you might have deduced :smiley:, I have a gifs database, and I can’t figure out if the gifs directory corresponds to the DT database, or if it was already there.

So my question is: are the files in my database stored in a separate directory, or within the actual database, or in their own directory? I’ve always assumed it’s the former.


They are unrelated - iCloud sync and iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive syncing has been superceded by iCloud syncing. If you are now using iCloud syncing, you should clean the iCloud sync location in DEVONthink and remove it.
Also, the location of the sync data in iCloud syncing is not accessible to casual inspection (and there’s nothing you could do with the data anyways).

Imported files are stored in the internal structure of a database package.

Jim, if I read your last comment correctly, the DEVONthink Packet Sync in the root of iCloud Drive is the old version of iCloud Drive sync and therefore can be deleted? I don’t have the iCloud Drive sync enabled currently, so it doesn’t appear as a sync store option so I can’t clean it. I’ve already set up and have been using the new iCloud sync option, want to make sure I can delete that folder, thanks!

Not sure what you mean by “clean the iCloud sync location and remove it”. I’ve attached a screen shot of my current setup. Are you saying I should remove the directory from iCloud Drive?

Either way, it sounds like that standalone gifs directory can be nuked.
JPEG image.jpeg

Correct. If you access iCloud Drive in the Finder’s sidebar and see a DEVONthink Packet Sync folder, that is not iCloud sync data and can be removed.

PS: You are showing DEVONthink To Go in the screencap. That is iCloud, not iCloud Drive (which was incompatible).
Right-click the iCloud Drive sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and choose Clean Location. This will clear out the Sync Data currently in that location. This will free up space in your iCloud account, as you will be using the iCloud location now. After it has been cleaned, click the minus button to remove it.