Are *.isp crash logs the way to go? Or: What to do when DTTG crashes and no Mac is around?

Since over a week now DTTG crashes on my iPad straight after opening the app. :frowning:

How can I retrieve the crash information for trouble shooting the issue from teh device when no Mac to plug the iPad in is in sight?

Via the iPad’s Settings app I got to some DEVONthink crash logs ("*.isp files). Are these the ones the DEVONthink team needs to find out what’s going wrong on the iPad?

Perhaps a better approach is to just delete the App and reinstall? That happens periodically with other IOS apps, probably related to the device infrastructure rather than anything developers have direct control over. Far as I know, Apple doesn’t provide a way in IOS to easily report crash reports as they do on their computer operating systems.

Yes the .ips files are crash reports.

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