Are Pages '08 documents supported?

Have not seen it documented anywhere but I just wanted to make sure that Pages saved under version '08 are not supported in DTTG. If that is the case, I don’t suppose there is a way up mass update Pages '08 to '09 within DT Pro? Just hoping.

Otherwise, absolutely no problem with setup and sych. Nice job.

Not sure if it is intentional but I was unable to add this post in the Troubleshooting Forum.

The iPad version of Pages cannot see Pages 08 files, so, no because DTTG uses the iPad’s viewer.

a search for “.pages” and add the Advanced tab with the criteria “Kind is Other” documents in your database will turn up only pages documents. From there, you could probably isolate pages 8 files by creation date, and make a mass conversion that way.

I can verify (because I just did it to be sure) that a document created in Pages 9 and sync to DTTG is visible in DTTG. It’s only the Pages 08 ones that don’t work (but they don’t work anywhere on the iPad let along in DTTG).

Didn’t occur to me that it would be an IPad issue. Thanks for the suggestion.