Are posts from the old forum (PRE-DISCOURSE) still available somewhere?

The user forum is an invaluable part of Devontechnologies’ offering.
I more than once find myself searching for ‘old’ information, i.e. links to ‘old’ posts don’t work anymore.

Are the contents of the old forums available somewhere?
Maybe as a DT file?

Thanks for helping out!

Hard links to the old forum posts do not work, as you know, but all the content was migrated here to Discourse. I see you replied earlier today to a thread from August 2007.

Thanks Greg, problem is I only have the old link as a reference…

I assumed that was the case. I suspect Criss will see your post and provide a link to the same content on Discourse or just repeat the answer.

Only links inside the forum were converted during the transition from the old to the new forum last year but e.g. old bookmarks on your Mac don’t work any longer. But if the bookmark’s name is the title of the thread, then you should be able to find it via the search.

In your case the link is a relict of an even older transition many years ago, I wouldn’t recommend to use such old references anymore. Too many things are different (and usually easier) now.