Are there any[b] windows[ products comparable to DEVONthink?

Can someone please recommend a windows product that is comparable to DEVONthink?

Wjjsoft’s Mybase. I was in windows land for a while due to a free-laptop (whuhoo!) And I used mybase extensively for research, web capture and idea management. It’s very fast, very stable, VERY SMALL, and also has a client/server component. I was a devoted user (they even quoted me on the website) and I begged them to come over to the Mac side. They did not, and I searched for a comparable product on this side of the fence, and I settled on DevonThink.

Now if I only could get my hands on a DevonThink Pro! All the features sound great, and I hope they can beat sticky brain once they come out, because SB has caught up a lot. (this is a good-natured tease in the DT team’s direction. We await DTP with baited breath!)

Hi Rokatz,

Yes there is: a little known, eccentric but fantastically capable piece of software called Zoot ( Before I moved away from Windows I was a devoted user of this program. It has

– smart folders every bit as powerful as those in OS X 10.4 (i.e. ‘classification’ that really did work because you told it HOW to work) and highly adaptable ‘filters’ and ‘views’ of the data
– lightning fast searches using a full range of boolean operators; and, not, or, near (see ‘The big picture’ in the online ‘tour’:
– clever integration via syncing and the ‘zooter’ with Mail and the operating system (it is a marvelous mail database) that is matched only by Mac ‘services’
– top notch support

I have to say that Zoot was the program I most hated to leave behind.

I think it’s called “AskSam”