Argh...Emails will not move

Due to user error, a pile of imported indexed emails landed in the wrong database. I found a useful common term that is unique to them, identified what needs to be moved, did a “Select All” and “Move to” but they will not move. A few hundred did, but there are 56 that will not move. Either in bulk or one at a time. They just sit there laughing at me.


Likely because they already exist in the destination database. Check Window > Log.

That’s what the log says, but it’s not true. I don’t know what it uses to compare files, but there are significant differences in all cases. It says “UUID already in database.” But I don’t see how to find a UUID anywhere, and I can’t see that it is using things I CAN see like size, date, time, word count for comparison. Can I just override that obstacle? Like “Ignore duplicates when adding to database?” It certainly seems to allow duplicates in many other circumstances.

I’ve got to get these files out of where they are, but just deleting them on the assumption that they are duplicates would not help.

DEVONthink uses the message ID of the emails to detect already imported emails. These IDs should (!) be unique. One workaround is to export the emails, then to import them into the desired database.