Arrange panel (info, links, see also etc.) vertically in addition to horizontal tabs

The info panels on the right side of the main window are where DevonThink shines. Unfortunately, they are arranged as tabs, and a lot of vertical space is lost while important information in other tabs is hidden.

Could we re-arrange those tabs in a way that some tab groups appear below others (like “i” and “annotations bubble” on top, then another group, and below that another group)?

Being able to arrange this personnally, perhaps save it in a work space (Arbeitsumgebung) would be ice on the cake.

This isn’t possible currently but might be added to future releases.

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Very sad, but I am looking forward! Thanks a lot,

I’m thrilled this is being pondered at your end.

I posed a similar enhancement desire some time ago. “Similar” because my thought at the time was a flattened pop-up that could at least integrate the contents from Custom and Generic in one single metadata field. This is useful for initial for initial data entry, for metadata, when a new record is added to the database.

I have a hunch I’m not alone toggling between Custom and Generic when I add new records that require lots of metadata to be entered manually, but in my case, I only need to hop over to Generic to change the item’s URL. Use case: if the item is, let’s say, a downloaded out-of-copyright book from Internet Archive the “wherefrom” URL is preliminarily the download URL, so launching it would literally re-download a PDF of that book from that repository. I need URLs like this to instead be the Internet Archive URL that first presents when the book is found on that database; containing bibliographical information, etc. I therefore change this manually, but this is the only metadata item I need to change in Generic. Everything else is in Custom (and, I’m prone to forget to do this if I’m not on a roll doing lots of these at the same time.)

If I may insert one last little desire here for you to consider though, it would be a pop-up that shows all duplicates and replicants of a record. Something like the awesome “Move-to” pop-up, which displays in that great hierarchical view but only showing the paths of the current duplicates or replicants of the selected item. (I rely very heavily on the replicants drop-down in the Generic tab.)

The new release is fabulous by the way. Thanks for all the enhancements (and if Reveal in New Window is new; thank you especially for that one!!).

Do note the operative word in the comment: might.