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I was wondering and looking for a specific solution. I have an abo for a german newspaper wide called
They have a Spiegel+ abo behind a paywall I am already paying for. It seems that I cannot save and clip those articles in full but only the teaser-part of the article, even if i log into the side and make the articles available.

Why is this, Is there any solution to work around so I can save the whole article as pdf or web archive? I need articles for a research-project.

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Create a bookmark in DEVONthink, open it and login. DEVONthink should then create a cookie and you should be able to capture from within DEVONthink.

The bookmark method does not work for me on the Spiegel website

What I do on sites like this is open the page in Safari in Reader mode. Then click the share button and send it as an email to myself, which I can then import into DEVONthink. This gives me a very clean article layout, including images (unlike pages clipped by DT).
For an even cleaner result, I send the email to my Evernote account (it has to be email, not sharing directly to Evernote). Evernote will remove the email header in the note. Then I can import into DT from Evernote.

Another option, the one I use, is to install the “PDF Services” option in DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons. This puts an option in the “PDF” dropdown menu at the bottom of the macOS Print menu to “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3”. Depending on the setting in Preferences > Import > Destination the PDF will either be sent to the Global Inbox, or you’ll be prompted for a database / folder destination.

The standard global Print command in most macOS apps, including Safari, is ⌘P. I used system preferences to assign that same shortcut to the command string “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3”. So, to quickly take care of getting the PDF into DEVONthink I press ⌘P, pause a second, the press ⌘P again and the next thing is DEVONthink asks for the destination.

Sorry to wander so far from the OP’s question. The bookmark / cookie thing has never worked for me – it must be site-specific – so I print from paywalled sites, like @Doris_R suggested.

That’s how I do this as well.

I took this one step further with BetterTouchTool:

1 trackpad gesture (you can also use other triggers like a keyboard shortcut) and a reader view from Safari is in DEVONthink within a few seconds. This works nicely with even 100+ page PDF exports.

And for times when the Safari reader view isn’t available, I use Safari’s Export as PDF feature, which works with paywalls too (it’s a local copy of what you see on screen). This is also automated with BetterTouchTool.

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Tap button twice…

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I’m using the Browser Plug-in from Print Friendly ( for this type of problem. Log in and then print to pdf in DEVONthink.

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