Asciidoc in addition to markdown as a supported format thinkable?

currently i am aware out of the box text, html, rtf and md are supported for note taking

I am writing a lot of technical stuff and in that area asciidoc becomes more and more grip.
I would love to be able to use asciidoc in DT natively although a expect the request rate for that is very low to zero as the main users that use it for writing to my perception are non technical writers but i might be totally wrong of course.

asciidoc allows me to do the things i cannot do in md, for me most inportant is to export not only content but structure like meta and toc, indexes to html and pdf.

In its simplest form with no integration it would be handled like pure text. But it allows also to hold some of the meta information of a document. So syncing the meta tags in the document with those in DT3 would reduce manual syncing.

This is not yet about previewing the rendered asciidoc content yet, although such a feature for widespread developer tools like editors and IDEs usually have that already and it would be nice.

Is there any way i could introduce .asciidoc being handled as text into DT3 without development?
If not would you consider extending the capablities to handle asciidoc as an own data type?

Thanks in advance

You could try the hidden preference AdditionalPlainTextExtensions. Search for it or „hidden preference“ in DEVONthink‘s help.

Yikes, did not know that, will have a look of course. Thank you very much.