Asking for advise re: syncing specific DT3 group <-> DTTG

I mainly use DTTG to collect temporary research data (Global Inbox). Once Global Inbox syncs to DT3 on the mac, I process the files (i.e. move them to my databases) and leave the Global Inbox is mostly empty.

So far, so good. But…

I would also like to have a specific group from my Research database (the Zettelkasten group, full of markdown files) available in the iPad. However, I don’t want to sync all Research database (which has images, pdfs, web archives, etc).

Alas, I think we cannot sync only specific groups to DTTG. Can anyone suggest a way around this? (Sync only my Zettelkasten markdown files to DTTG.)

There are at least two options:

  1. Move the group to a dedicated database which should be synchronized with DEVONthink To Go

  2. Synchronize the complete database but download contents only on demand on iOS (requires Pro package of DEVONthink To Go)

Thank you for the reply, Christian.

Option 1 is not possible since I use a lot of wiki links and they only work inside the same database. Moving the group would break the links with items that were not in the dedicated database.

Option 2 might be possible. Can you point me to where I can learn how to do that? (I do have the Pro package.)

This is covered in DEVONthink To Go’s ? > Help > Sync your databases > Syncing everything or just the metadata.

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Thanks for the tip. :+1:t2: