assigning a keyword to multiple items

After doing a search, I would like to select some of the found items in that pane and apply tags to them. But that does not seem to be possible. I can label, mark, or group them via the contextual menu, but there is no option for tagging. The tag bar at the bottom of the pane is inactive, shows “No tags” but I can’t click there and make a new tag, nor can I assign a tag in the Inspector.

Is there a way?

I do see a workaround: assign them to a Group, then getting out of the search window, go to that group and tag them. But that defeats the purpose of tags which is to mark things that are in various groups.

Does it say “multiple selection” in the tag bar? You can’t directly tag items in that situation, but here’s a link to a script that will do that for you: Script to Batch Tag Multiple Items.

Good Luck.

If there is NOT an existing tag that would be appropriate, it should first be created in the Tags group for that database.

Then, from the search results list, you can select one, multiple (using the Command key to select) or all the results. Then select Tools > Groups and Tags to show that panel, and drag the selected items into the desired tag group in Groups & Tags.

EXCEPTION: Make certain. if the Tag itself is shown in the search results, to exclude it from the selection, else the drag & drop won’t work.