Asterisk in Searching and Searching for changes

As part of learning about scheduled searches in DA I’m trying create a daily search to look for new material in the Devon User Forum. This was prompted by Bill DeVille who mentioned it somewhere in the forum but I can’t find the original.

I set up the default query to be an asterisk (shift eight) on the assumption that this would capture the existing material. Then I could put it in the archive in DA and in future only capture new additions. The intention is then to automatically add these new items to DT.

However, I don’t get any information returned from a simple asterisk in the query field.

The DA manual says

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong.


Richard Bullen

What URL did you use (in the “Sites” tab of the Search Sets panel)? E.g. depending on the URL it might be necessary to activate “Follow Links” (using the minimum level and “*” as the term to match links).

By the way - to read & archive this forum, you could also use DEVONthink Pro:

  1. Choose Scripts > Feed > New Feed (HTML Pages)…
  2. Enter the URL of the forum’s feed
  3. Use three-pane view
  4. Clicking on the feed’s group will download new messages and add them to the group
  5. Clicking on messages will mark them as read

i tried this, and now i have an empty folder url was :

was the url wrong?

The URL should be… … chars=1000

(count and chars parameters can of course be modified)