ATLA and Search forms via Post.

Good morning,

I’m trying to develop a plugin to search the ATLA religion database. I’m struggling with finding the correct search URL because it seems like the search term is passed to the database via a POST variable instead of a GET variable like google and the rest of the search plugins seem to use. Furthermore, it seems like it’s generating the proper form post elements via java script. here’s a snippet of what’s happening.


Any idea how I can write a plugin for this? Does anyone else have a working ATLA plugin? (can I bribe Devon inc to make one?, it would mean at least 2 other purchases of the software…)

We do support this kind of site. The keyword to use is “Post”. It needs to be a dictionary with the form values described in the web page. From the snippet you showed me, you’ll need to read the HTML/JavaScript code that defines the names for the form values in between the … part. This is not fun, but the only way you can try to get it to work.

Both the TidBITS and the “Lycos (Discussion)” plugins use the Post keyword so you can use those as an example. (They can be found inside the application folder.)

I don’t seem to have a tidbits plugin.

I looked at the lycos discussing plugin and I didn’t see a dictionary entry of post. can you give me a link to documentation showing how to use post variables?


Note: We have removed the TidBITS plugin in DEVONagent 2.0.2 an later because TidBITS has added a block for DEVONagent so it would be of no further use anyway.



Can you provide an example of how such a post based plugin would work? can you e-mail me the old tidbits plugin? so I can see an example of how post variables can be sent? The instructions above didn’t make much sense to me. I really need to get ATLA and WorldCAT working in Devon agent.

Have you had a look at the integrated online documentation? It comes with a complete chapter about how XML plugins work as well as a tutorial.