Attaching any text file to a PDF

Hello all,

I am studying for a Ph.D., so I have lots of research PDFs and I like to take notes for each PDF file on a different document, for example, text numbers, word, etc. Can I add the document I took notes on as a subfile of a PDF file in DT3? or Do you have a recommendation for this process?

Thank you in advance.

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Welcome @AhmetHH

I am not sure what you mean by a subfile of a PDF.

I would suggest you take a look at the Inspectors > Annotations & Reminders > Annotations section of the built-in Help and manual. This discusses how to use annotation files to create a document linked to the currently viewed document.

Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry, let me clarify, I was describing a way to use a PDF document as a folder, then add a text file to the folder just to have a hierarchical view.

You’re welcome!

Well, there’s a logical problem as a PDF is not a folder. It’s a file. Therefore, you can’t add other files to it.

If you had a PDF, it’s possible to insert a PDF into another one via the Tools > Inspectors > Content > Thumbnails inspector. However, the text of that page would also not be editable.

I would use a group, containing the pdf document and any associated files

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