Attaching text data to PDF documents

A very useful feature, that I can’t find existing at the moment with DT Pro is the ability to attach something like meta data to a particular PDF document. I’ve found that OCR recognition is pretty poor many times, and it would be helpful if one could scan something twice. The first being the actual PDF image, and the second would be the text it contains. The text wouldn’t need to be perfect in this case, since it would be hidden from the user, but would help when searching.

Of course, this only works for small PDF files, maybe a few pages where searching isn’t yet a big issue.



edit: woops, sorry for the wrong forum, this should have gone in requests.

Hi, David. If you wish to check the OCR accuracy in a PDF file, you don’t have to scan twice.

In your database, select the OCR’d PDF you wish to check. Click in the background of the text pane to make it the focus. Now select Data > Convert > Rich (or Plain) Text. A new, text only document with the same name will be created.

In that new document, click in it then select Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling.

You might find other uses for converting PDF to rich text. For example, you can’t add notes or comments to the PDF file (except in the Comment field).

You can’t add a hypertext link to another document in a PDF file. But you can add links in the rich text version.

Thanks for the reply on this. I haven’t had much time to mess around with the scanning abilities yet…mostly because scanning with my scanner is a pain (it’s over a network, and it’s not being detected correctly). I need to connect it directly via USB and see if that works for me.

Thanks again.