Attachments in emails into DT


Is there a way of getting attachements into DTOP?

I know that I can export mail into Devonthink but it would be useful to be able to just fo the attachement.

For example I get a lot of plans, drawings etc in emails my workflow to get these into DTOP is as follows:

  1. Save the attachement to the desktop (or elsewhere)
  2. Right click the attachment and then send it to Devonthink
  3. Choose the folder/group

It would be nice to loose the first step and be able to right click the attachement in Apple mail and send it straight to DT.

Any ideas on this anyone or am I barking up the wrong tree



I select the attachment and send it to the Global Inbox via LaunchBar. However, it is also possible to just drag the attachment(s) from the message window to the DEVONthink icon in the Dock (or use the Sorter if DEVONthink is not running).

Hi Greg

LaunchBar you say… I use that. How do you do it in Launchpad?
Funny now you mention it yes there are ways to do it.
Thanks for the tips though.



Hi Greg

I should be more observant. With the latest release of DT you get a nice InBox item in your finder to save and drop to.

Still interested in the LaunchBar trick though



My use of LaunchBar in this situation is nothing special-it’s actually more complicated than just dragging the attachment to one of the destinations already mentioned. I only use LaunchBar for adding attachments to DEVONthink as a reflex as I also use the same method to open attachments in other applications.

  1. Call the destination in LaunchBar (can be a folder or an application-I’ve selected the Global Inbox for this example).

  2. Drag the attachment to the destination in LaunchBar.

  3. Select an action for the attachment (I use Copy, as LaunchBar cannot actually ‘Move’ and attachment from an email).

This is what it looks like, but as I mentioned earlier, just dragging the attachment is usually easier. Another option is to right-click on the attachment, choose ‘Save Attachment…’, and select the Global Inbox from the Sidebar.


Thanks for that.

Yes saving to the finder inbox is the way. Can’t believe I missed that.