Attack of the mutant inbox folders

I’m using the latest DTPO beta (pb5) – and I’m experiencing weird behavior from some folders I added to my global inbox.

I keep deleting these folders–and they keep reappearing. Last night I deleted them, immediately emptied my DTP trash, and then deleted my system Trash. I thought that would do it–but no. The folders have reappeared in my DTP global inbox – and now they’ve duplicated themselves. Each of the two folders has generated four additional copies of itself.

Before my Macbook and I are swallowed alive – help! :neutral_face:

Same here.
Could some one help us here.
I posted a topic regarding this 3 days ago but still no help.
Can a Devon tech jump in and help us sort this out.
It is very irritating.


As has been noted in the blog and on this forum, Christian is taking a well-deserved break to help his wife with their newborn child. As soon as he can take a look at this he will.
In the meantime, the best thing to do would be to send a message to This uses a more reliable mechanism to notify the correct person that an important request is waiting for him. Thanks!

Update from Christian (in between feeding and changing diapers):

If you don’t agree with this view, gather as much information as you can about your workflow (i.e. how you dropped those files in there such as the original application, what method did you use) and the DEVONthink related entries in the Console application (found in /Applications/Utilities). Send this to the email address above. That will help us track down your problem much easier.

This worked a treat.

Thank you VERY much.



Thanks, Annard. (And yes–I think being on newborn-diaper-duty is Christian’s most important mission right now :slight_smile: .)