Audio Attachments from Apple Mail - How to Play?

I get audio attachments (.wav) in Apple Mail and I can’t find a way to play them in DTPO even though they appear. Advice?

Which version of Mac OS X do you use? Did you import only the attachment or the complete message containing the attachment?

Hello! A recent DTPO devotee. I am also trying to import email that have imbedded in them, a .wav attachment. The attachment does show up, however if I click on it it will open in iTunes; it does not play in DT. I want to be able to select the file within DTPO and play it there.

This thread is 5 years old and after searching the forums, I have not found any new threads on the topic. If I import just the .wav file and not as an attachment, it shows up and can be played within DTPO. But not when attached to the email.

I am using DTPO 2.8.6 on a 13" 2014 MBP Retina with OSX 10.10.4

Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks so much!

Are you able to play the attachment after switching to the alternate view (via Preferences > Email or on demand via the View menu)?

Hello cgrunenberg. Thanks for your question. No.

I tried this several times. I am open to any suggestions.

Hello. I continue to have the problem. Any advise on how to resolve this?

Thanks so much, in advance.