Audio clips

Does anyone else think that audio clips (ala OmniOutliner3) for snippets of quick bits of information relational to a line (or in DT’s case, maybe a highlighted word or phrase) would be useful?

If I highlight a word I can insert a picture (a visual effect), what’s to say that I couldn’t be able to import an audio clip from quicktime?

It would seem like this would be a good feature for freeform databases or perhaps wiki information where audio could add to definitions.

Maybe a DT Pro future feature? The only reason I still use OmniOutliner is to capture audio at a meeting related to brief minutes kept. Taking full blown minutes often causes me to not pay full attention in meetings, and taking to little notes has the obvious effect – people have to explain things more then once. Audio capture seems to be an excellent way to store snippets of information that can be replayed so that nothing is lost in translation long after a biz meeting is over.

Food for thought.