Audio File (m4a/mp3) artwork to thumbnail?

Although I was initially put off by some of the interface changes in DT3, I’ve found adapting to them and a range of other options has increased the usefulness of DT for me. I’m more than pleased with the now not-so-new version.

One remaining point of frustration for me concerns thumbnails for audio files. In DT2, when I added an m4a or mp3 that had embedded artwork (like a podcast episode), that artwork would automatically become the item’s thumbnail. Now, however, all such files show with a generic (iTunes) audio file icon as thumbnail. Trying to create a thumbnail using the contextual menu does nothing. As a result, to get the same result as before, I have to open the file with another program, copy the artwork and paste it into the thumbnail area of the Get Info window.

In the Preferences window, under Media, I have all of the options under “Create Thumbnails” checked, and I have had them that way since I installed DT3. Is there a setting, regular or hidden, that I’ve somehow missed?


No, there’s no missed setting. Development would have to assess this.

Did you use the same versions of macOS to import audio to DEVONthink 2/3?

Yes. I’ve was using High Sierra (10.13.6) when I upgraded last autumn. I noticed the change immediately.

DEVONthink 2 used QuickTime which is now deprecated and not supported anymore on Catalina. As the modern replacement (AVKit) doesn’t seem to support audio files the next release will use Quick look to thumbnail them.

Great. Thanks. Fingers crossed.