Audio files being downloaded

Whenever I look through the results in DevonAgent, if there is an audio file on the page it automatically downloads it into my DevonThink Inbox. Is there a way to stop this? I am having to delete audio files from my inbox every time I use DevonAgent (I generally scan for topics to do with wildlife using the Web option)

To DEVONthink’s inbox? By default downloads should be saved in ~/Downloads. Anyway, this is a known issue, the next maintenance release should fix this. The URL of such a website would be useful to check that it’s fixed in your case too.

Hear is an example:
Query was “Redshank” using the ‘Web’ search.
In results list, scroll down and open this site for Spotted Redhsank:
Audio file appears in my DevonThink Inbox

Do you use any automation, e.g. folder actions, smart rules or Hazel? DEVONagent does not download to DEVONthink’s inbox on its own.

That it! Thanks. Yes, I did have Hazel moving items from downloads into Devonthink.

But why has It downloaded the audio file anyway when I view the webpage?

It’s marked as an attachment by its HTTP header fields and these are frequently (but obviously not always) downloads.

Thanks for your support and quick reply. :sunglasses: