Auto backup not working

After deleting a file that must be not deleted (sigh & sob) i tried to retrieve a backup but i sudden realize that the newer one is made on february!
I set the automatic backups to daily but… it didn’t works :frowning: :frowning:

After a manual “backup & verify” i constatated that the directories are updated so where is the cause?

And why now i have the filenames red after importing a previously exported tree? (my manual backup)

Apparently you haven’t quit DT Pro since February? That’s not a good idea, for memory management and other reasons. If you are depending on automatic internal backups, quit DT Pro nightly.

I don’t believe in trying to keep my computer up as long as possible. Even though I often sleep my computers overnight, I reboot them every few days to clear temporary caches, swap files and so on. That reduces the possibility of bits becoming twiddled and errors creeping in.

Exactly. I recommend manually running Tools > Verify & Repair followed by Tools > Backup & Optimize when I’m taking a break after adding lots of new content or significant writing/editing. That insures a very recent backup.

Even better at break time, just run DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. That will automatically run Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize, then save a compressed and dated backup archive to a location of your choice. It’s also a good idea to save the most recent backup archive to an external drive, CD or DVD – just in case your hard drive were to completely fail.

You must have imported a full backup into your existing database, which will double everything.

If you have a full external backup, just open it as a database. For example, if you need to revert to a backup stored in a Backup Archive file, just double-click on it to unzip the file, then double-click on the DT Pro database package to open it as your current database (and use File > Database Properties to check this as your new default database).

Or if you have made a complete export of your database contents to a folder in the Finder and now wish to make that the content of your database, first create a new DT Pro database, name and save it, then import the contents of that ‘exported’ folder into the new database. As above, use Database Properties to make this your new default database if you wish.

Note: To export all the contents of your database to the Finder, you can either use File > Export > Files & Folders, or use DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Daily Backup. If needed, import that content to a new database – or to a different database if you are merging databases.

Which product/version do you use? Older versions created backups only right after opening a database.

I’m using DevonThink personal 1.9.7 and i setup the backup as daily but it don’t starts this task nor with program opened nor closed :frowning:

I don’t have any other auto backup functions, so i take the habit of exporting by hand the entire devonthink tree and save it to a cdrom.

Could you please check if Tools > Backup & Optimize creates new backup? Thank you!

Yes, it’s working and it’s the method i’m using NOW after a work session.
It’s the automated backup wich isn’t working :frowning: